I had this thought many years ago, that if I were to write a book about my family, it would be called "The Adventures of Plumpy, Piggles, and Pigdog." I enjoy writing greatly, though I find myself doing it far less now that I have entered my child-raising years. Somewhere between the moment I contrived the title, and this precise moment, I developed something of an obsession with photography.  As I look through images I've taken over the last year or so, I can see that I am, in fact, documenting this story, though not in the way I had originally envisioned.  I've decided to post them here so I can share them without deluging my Facebook friends with an inordinate amount of photos and so really, I have a place to put them, other than my hard drive. It turns out that life is not always an adventure. Indeed, any given day can be both mundane and exciting, sad and joyous, anxiety-filled and peaceful, exhausting and exhilarating. To be sure, these juxtaposed sentiments can easily occur in the same moment, particularly if you have a toddler. 

I should note that since I thought of the title "The Adventures of Plumpy, Piggles, and Pigdog", we have acquired another pooch, a slightly overweight Beagle named Cici. Also, I feel compelled to elaborate on the names in the title as they do seem to describe the weight attributes of the subjects at hand. This is misleading. Plumpy represents my oldest daughter, who is in fact not plumpy at all, but had very much been so as an infant. She was the cutest, chubbiest baby ever. My youngest daughter is Piggles, not because she was or is piggie-like in any physical way, but because she had a vociferous appetite as a baby (still does, really). I call her Boogles now. In fact, she would likely not know I were referring to her if I called her "Piggles" today. Pig dog is our crazy Jack Russell Terrier, Sully, who acquired that name because his spotted skin, visible only on his under belly, very much resembles a pig. If I were to include our beagle Cici in the title, she would be called Penelope. I always thought the name suited her, and it admittedly fits nicely in with the "P" theme of the title. With that in mind, the story would then be called..."The Adventures of Plumpy, Piggles, Pigdog, and Penelope"....

I do not pretend my photography is without technical flaw, but it does fairly accurately represent our daily life, oftentimes in the rawest, truest way. These photos, in the end, are really just a mother's attempt to create order out of the chaos that at times envelopes our daily lives and perhaps more importantly, to capture life's most fleeting moments.

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