I put out a call to see if any Tampa Bay-area families were interested in allowing me into their home to document their daily lives...life as it is, every.single.day. No coordinated outfits, no crazy housecleaning, no posing...none of it. The "R" family was my first session, and let me just say that I couldn't have wished for a more amazing family to document! There was no hesitation, no awkwardness; they just went on with their business. We talked about plays, and musicals, and music in general...we talked about raising children and living in the Tampa area. Mom (also grandma), who lives with her two adult daughters, {almost] teenage son, and 20-month old grandson, was the one who had contacted me about the session. Like most households with a toddler, family life largely revolves around the toddler, whom they sweetly call "the little prince."  On this morning, they made pink pancakes, read the alphabet book, watched a little bit of a movie, and then went outside to let the baby play. I was just enamored with the amount of love and connection that existed between each family member. Being welcomed into their home so warmly and openly just blew me away. Having the privilege of documenting just a little bit of that kind of awesome, was, well...pretty awesome. Thank you "R" family :-)