Our house can be a challenging place to take photographs. With the exception of a couple rooms (and only at certain times of the day), without artificial light, it's quite dark. About a week ago, Piggles was playing in our bedroom just before bath time. The sun was setting outside, casting the most beautiful filtered backlight into the room. I was taking her picture when she decided that she also wanted to take pictures. I gave her my little Ricoh GR, set it to snap focus, and let her snap away. She told me to stand by the wall..."like a flamenco, mom...yes, like that...but make a pretty face. No, never mind, not like that, the light is nicer on your face when you're on the floor. Go on the floor." I posted those pix here too ;-) It's amazing to me how much they absorb, even when I don't think they're paying attention...though, I must be honest, the flamenco idea was all hers:-) I went downstairs and found Plumpy sitting in my study (the other room with beautiful light), studying Russian. Quite a few of the girls she does gymnastics with speak Russian, so she's taken some interest in it lately, but she's always been interested in other languages and cultures, something both handsome hubby and I also enjoy quite a bit. I've also noticed that she's obsessive, like me, when it comes to learning new things (well, things she finds interesting ;-)). And so, there she was, studying Russian, getting photographed by her little sister (and her mom, of course), in beautiful  light. There are few things I enjoy more in this world than photography, languages, and beautiful light...and here they were, happening all at the same time, in one of my favorites rooms, with my favorite children (I might be biased) ;-)