So there I was one hot day in July, getting into my car after having just finished up a family shoot at a local beach, when a beautiful woman approached me asking if I shoot weddings. I said that I'd never done one before, but here's my website...if you're interested, I might be interested. I didn't expect to hear back from her, but she contacted me later that day and said she wanted me to do it. And that was it, that was how it came to be; that's how I snagged my first wedding. Let me be really honest and tell you that it was really hard. People don't give wedding photogs enough credit. You have to be able to switch from a documentary mindset to a posing one in a flash, you have to be able to keep people who, [understandably] want to get on to the reception, happy and calm and compliant for formals. You have to be able to work around all the personal electronic devices and selfie sticks that get in the frame, and let me just tell you that all of that can be quite tricky. Also, you have to be able to use a flash;-) But, this bride, (Amy is her name) and her groom, Anthony, were just so much fun to shoot, and in the end, I was glad I did it. They got married on the beach in St. Petersburg, and though it had been raining a lot over the past few weeks, and my husband swears it poured at our place just about an hour east, it was a beautiful (but HOT) day for a wedding.