I took thousands (seriously), thousands of pictures of the girls in the pool this summer. As the summer neared its end, I found myself getting a little bored with it. It's hard making the same scene look different and interesting day after day. This boredom has forced me time and time again to try different techniques, change my perspective, put on a different lens...anything to change it up a bit. Over the past month, I found myself hitting this wall a lot, so...i broke out the flash! Woohoo, let me just tell you that I love flash! I'm in that phase right now where I really know nothing technical about it (beyond what I need to do to make it work). To be honest, I find a lot of joy in this phase...eventually I'm sure I will educate myself out of it (but we always come back around, don't we?), but for now, I'm having fun. I know enough to know that "direct" flash is viewed by some to be a bit of a photography faux pax, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little charmed by the blatant use of flash ;-) Anyway, Plumpy has always asked to take "cool" pictures of her in her mermaid tail so I thought a really slooooow shutter and flash, might just do the trick. It actually started to rain too, which made it even more fun; flash always adds an interesting effect to rain. There are also some from when she had a friend over and they were swimming at dawn...the flash here was not just for fun, but for practical reasons too...to add light ;-) The very last image is a double exposure...I've been playing a lot there too; I find double exposures to be very challenging! So, the first few are normal, everyday pictures, without flash. Everyone after that has some element of flash (with the exception of the last image)...I think some of these are probably a bit weird, but I really kind of like them anyway. Enjoy!