Quite a few of my photog friends had already done one (or several in some cases)...so I figured it was about time that I do one also; a Day in the Life, that is, Carrender style. Not only am I asking potential clients to allow me into their homes for the same thing, but I also just wanted a record of what our days looked like during the summer of 2015. This was, after all, a different summer for us. Not only was it the first time I've been been home with the girls (home, as in, not working), but this was also our first summer in this home...the first home we've ever owned. This particular day, the 12th of August, was slightly different than our normal days, because this was the day I officially got my business license ;-) On this day, Elle woke up before Mimi and I so she could mend her mermaid tail. We ate breakfast, Mimi then constructed a pillow bed for the dogs in our bedroom. We went to the tax collectors office to get my business license, and then to the mall to return a pair of pants that were too big for Elle. At three, we dropped Elle off tutoring; returned home briefly and then went back to pick up Elle. While we were home for those 30 minutes, we had a good Florida summer rain. After we picked up Elle we went straight to the pet store to get crickets for Sandy, Elle's bearded dragon. When we got home, we went for a swim and then made dinner. Joe got home from work; we ate dinner. After that, we just kind of relaxed for the rest of the night. Well, Mimi decided to put make up on a huge stuffed bear that Cici, our fat Beagle, kept trying to take outside through the doggy door. Mimi got a bath, Elle chatted with friends, and then we went to bed :-)